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For more information on the tickets TLD, head over to

  • Do I need to be within the ticketing industry to purchase a name?
  • No, anyone that agrees to our acceptable use policy can register a name. This does not guarantee the domain however as those with valid rights take priority over those without. Examples of acceptable evidence of rights can be found in our policies (section 3.9).
  • What information will I need to apply?
  • All registrants will need to provide a verifiable name, entity name, address, telephone number, email, and billing and technical contact as stated in the policies (section 3).
  • Can an organisation use a title (e.g. Marketing Department or Domain Administrator) as the first and last name if they are able to verify the organisation?
  • Generally, it is acceptable provided that the contact details have been verified, and the organisation name has also been verified, though the registry reserves the right to confirm the Registrant Name too.
  • Are there any restrictions on what can be provided as an address?
  • It has to be a verifiable address of the organisation. It doesn’t have to be the registered or primary address for companies, but for a private person then the address must be a verifiable residential address. In most cases the address cannot be a PO Box Number.
  • Where can I find more information?
  • For more information on the tickets TLD, head over to For a detailed review of .tickets policies, take a look at